Meet Jessica Lemons!

Meet Jess, our coordinator of advancement! Jess is from Long Island, New York and attended the University of Buffalo. She majored in communications and minored in English. In college, she found her home away from home within the Jewish community. She held numerous leadership and internship positions within Jewish organizations at Buffalo. “My college experience… More Meet Jessica Lemons!

Today in Israel

The Jewish State is facing what it has been dreading since the end of the second intifada in 2005. While intimidation and violent outbreaks are recognized as inevitable in this period of conflict, the actions carried out by the Palestinians are both unacceptable and undeniable. Hamas has encouraged violence towards Israelis in recent weeks that… More Today in Israel

Surviving Yom Kippur

As we step into Yom Kippur this evening, it’s time to stock up on food tonight in preparation for the big fast. Avoid a case of the hangries (hungry + angry = hangry) with this hilarious Yom-Kippur themed Catching Fire Parody! Get ready for the Jewish Hunger Games!! Gmar Chatimah Tova. May you be inscribed… More Surviving Yom Kippur